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Control Equipment centrala CB200 2500/384

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Built-in detector removal indication facility 
From 1 to 8 zones 
4 Alarm circuits on 4-8 zone panels 
Conforms to the requirements of EN54-2 
User-friendly access code 
One-man test facility 
Non-latching zone feature 
Class change input 
Earth fault monitoring 
Fully-functional repeater available (4 & 8 zone panels only) 
Removable cable-entry grommets 
User-friendly controls 
Surface or semi-flush mounting as standard 
Ample termination space 
Flame-resistant polycarbonate enclosure 
Log book and manual supplied 
Complies with EMC and LVD directives
2 zone conventional control panel - CE Marked; size - 234h x 287w x 63.5d space for 2Ah battery set (2 x 12V) 2500/384